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S.T.A.R.'s-Students that Accept Responsibility

US Lacrosse-Idaho All American Casey Davies giving back to the game

The About The Kids S.T.A.R. Program is a grass roots lacrosse outreach program designed to engage our High School Lacrosse players with our Youth Lacrosse Players.

A player in our S.T.A.R. program is a Student That Accepts Responsibility.  As such, A STAR will help lead About The Kids Learn To Love Lacrosse Programs as well as Coach in the West Ada Lacrosse League (WALL Ball).  This unique opportunity will introduce you to Coaching Best Practices, Youth Engagement and Mentoring.  
There is also and opportunity to participate in US Lacrosse's Jr. Coaching Education Program

US Lacrosse Jr. Coach Certification  

We will conduct events throughout the school year, however we minimize Spring Activities in deference to the busy lacrosse season.

If this is a program that you are interested in, or would like more information, complete this registration and we will contact you to move the process forward.