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Youth-Middle School Programs

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Kids, Coaches and Grass




The West Ada Lacrosse League teaches the sport of lacrosse and provides a fun and safe experience for all involved. Through US Lacrosse Certified Coaches, parent volunteers and our S.T.A.R. program (Students That Accept Responsibility), we strive to mentor young people to be the best they can be while serving the community and others.

The West Ada Lacrosse League is proud to be an early adopter of the US Lacrosse Athletic Development Model (LADM) introduced in January of 2016. 

The LADM is systematic and intentional development pathway that puts the young athlete first and provides the ultimate lacrosse experience.  The LADM is about creating an environment where every kid can reach their full potential.  The LADM will increase both the learning and fun for young athletes, by delivering a lacrosse program that is physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially appropriate.  We believe that the LADM will increase both the learning and fun for young athletes.  When kids are having fun, they are learning, and when they learn, they improve.  In short, The West Ada Lacrosse League is About The Kids.  For more information the LADM we encourage you to go to US Lacrosse-LADM.

Our mission is:

The West Ada Lacrosse League Will:

  • Promote the growth of the game of lacrosse throughout the West Ada School District
  • Cultivate and create other youth lacrosse programs within the West Ada School District.
  • Train individuals over the age of 14 to be coaches and officials

We utilize US Lacrosse for insurance purposes and we are a player-funded non profit organization.